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Hi, our names are Paul and Anna Dawson, our dog is called Shrek and welcome to our and his website. Shrek is a very lovable dog, a gentle lion, likes the garden and cheese, dislikes.. cats....hes great with children, and adults, loves the outdoors but come 9pm the hallway is his domain, sleepy, snoozy and snoring is Shrek after 9pm. Please feel free to look at the website, see how he grew up, and please leave comments as you wish, also would like to thank Dennis and Rob of Denrobchows for the great dog they provided us with....

Fun Facts

During the 1700s, ships brought goods from China to the West. Captains had to keep lists of everything on board. Sometimes there were boxes filled with many little objects. Captains would list these with a slang word, "chow chows." It meant the same as doodads or this-and-thats. The dogs were shipped from China along with these crates of chow chows, so they became known as chow chow dogs.



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